You are my ecstasy!!


I adore you just as I adore art,

shall I compare you with heaven’s drink,

or with the blossoming lavenders of spring?

shall I speak to you in swirling winds,

or whisper in your ears the song of kings?

shall I touch you like morning dew,

or glisten on you like a golden mist?

Shall I become the fragrance you wear,

or the sweetness you bear,

shall I fly with you in an open sky,

or sculpt you  in front of zestful sun?

shall I become a breath you take,

or become a life in your eyes?

shall I become your fantasy,

Or pour in you my ecstasy?

Shall I surrender all the birds and butterflies to you,

So when you walk in my Garden,

These beauties shall follow you!


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Amazing pic!

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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” 
(Jimi Hendrix)


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National Textile university

    At times like these when  the entire nation is  waiting  and praying for the  political future of pakistan. In Faislabad our youth is having concerns about their  academic and  professional future.

   on 12th October 1959 Lyallpur textile Institute was founded by General Ayub Khan. As it was affiliated with university of engineering & technology so later the name  was changed to National College of textile & Engineering because it was taken care  by the federal government. But in  general zia-ul Haq’s era the  presidential ordinance was used and the control  was given to  the Board of Governors which was supposed to consist of the Federal Minister of Industries as its chairman with seven other members from the Federal/Provincial governments and three members from All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA). In 1992 the institute received an aid of worth ¥ 650 million from the Japanese government, through JICA program, in the form of latest machinery & equipment for all departments of the institution.All this was before September 1993, when the institute was placed under complete control of APTMA, the board of governors was reconstituted.Meanwhile the federal cabinet on November 15th 2002 upgraded the college as National Textile University. The president of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the university but still no convincing measures taken to recognize NTU as a Professional Engineering Institute.

The simple and only solution to all problems, according to the students is to transfer the Institute’s Management and charge to the federal Government specifically under the regulation of Ministry of Textile Industries, Pakistan and accreditation by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

The students of the  university has  started protesting for their  rights and   considering the rising tention because of this matter  the university has been closed down and the students have been forcfully evacuated from the hostels.

Students have the following demands :
– University managemnet  should  be handed over to Federal Ministry of Textile from APTMA.
-Introduce Restoration of student unions and provision of basic student facilities as per other reputed      universities.
-Restoration of scholarships.
-Introduction of Masters and phd program
– Immediate accreditation by Pakistan Engineering Council.
– Removal of corrupt Management


Concerns of the Students:

Students are seriously concerned and feel that their future is at stake as long as the Management of the university remains in the hands of APTMA which may be an effective business organization but certainly it is not an academic organization and so the university under the control of Federal Ministry of textile and Industry or Ministry of Education. At one of the recent protests I heard one of the students saying “APTMA wants to develop technologists not engineers by concentrating on non-textile basic sciences rather than masters and PhD program in textile subjects so that the students of NTU could be forced to work on minimum wages in Textile mills since they are not officially recognized as engineers”. Students believe that accreditation with PEC is their genuine right that the university Administration has not taken required steps to fulfill PEC .

 Now the university is  closed and waitng for this  problem to  be solved. till then  our precious  time is going  in wate.

 Special thanks to all the sites from where i  read about National Textile University and took help.

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Rare Video

Even though there is no audio  but  the body language says alot.  look closely and enjoy this rare pick.


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Magnificent Pakistan

A year back my husband sent me a link . After seeing that site i was convinced that our country is absolutely breath taking. Balochistan is Pakistan’s gifted province to have such amazing and magnificent geographical wonders, Like the 18 mud volcanoes. In fact these are the largest and highest known mud volcanoes, the altitude of the highest volcano is 300ft. Besides these volcanoes there are also few small temporary ones in the arabian sea. The most famous range of these volcanoes are near hingol river. 11out of those 18 are near located between Kutch and Gwadar. These volcanoes were discovered back in 1840.

High time we need to explore our own country. Here are few pictures to tempt you to plan your next trip.

Mud Volcanoes




Lovely Pakistan

p.s : I would like to thank all the sites from where i got the pictures.

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Thomas Beatie (The pregnant man)

        In 1994 when I watched the movie “Junior” The concept of having a man  pregnant was very  hard to imagine and digest, I thought it was too messed up . But while surfing today I came across a really weird article, about a pregnant man.

Thomas Beatie


   Thomas beatie, a transgender. Beatie was born a woman,  named Tracy Lagondino, but later got his gender reassignment surgery done. Now he is legally a  man , married to a  lady named Nancy.  He took testosterone and had his breasts removed, but kept his reproductive rights. whereas, due to severe endometriosis Nancy had to get her hysterectomy done and obviously is unable to have babies. So the couple decided to have Thomas to bear the child by the help of sperm donation . He went off his testosterone injections and became pregnant.

This pregnancy  is not  his  first attempt. He got pregnant previously as well and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy with triplets. It was a life-threatening event which required a  complex surgery, resulting in the loss of all embryos and a fallopian tube. But the second time around not only it was successful and they have a healthu fetus of a baby girl . The couple is anxiously awaiting for the new arrival.

Besides the fact that Thomas is carrying  his and Nancy’s baby in his womb , he feels confident of his gender and sexuality and feels confident that he will be able to  bring up his kid like any other father. This story may sound very nice but in reality it is not all that rosey for the future parents, The lack of support from the family and people in the neighbourhood is making  the whole  experience  very hard for the couple .

It is very easy for us to  point our finger on someone and pass a remark or comment. but we don’t consider the repercussions our remark is going to have. There is no denying that the whole idea of a transgender to be pregnant is very starnge and disturbing.  But if for once we think about a mother who  is longing to have her own child , the father who must have dreamed and planned thousand  of things for his kid. They would go to any limit to live for their dream/love. The love for  your own kid can never  be topped or compared by anything in this  world.

 FYI- As Mr. Thomas claims to be the first  man to be pregnant. it is  not true,  Mr. Lee is the  first pregnant man.

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