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Impact Of Nationalization On BECO And Pakistan Economic Development

There had been many times in Pakistan’s history when stupid decisions were taken by the government. Nationalization in Bhutto’s era was one of those decisions. 22 Families lost everything that they had worked  for all their lives. BECO (Batala Engineering Company) … Continue reading

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President Musharraf

Mana ke aaj mein Mushkil may ghira hoan, Dekho tufan mein kis qadar himmat se khara hoan… ab samna hai mujhe mukhalif hawaon ka per sath hai mujhe Maa ki duaoon ka Zalim khud mujh pe zulm ka ilzam lagate hein … Continue reading

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National Textile university

    At times like these when  the entire nation is  waiting  and praying for the  political future of pakistan. In Faislabad our youth is having concerns about their  academic and  professional future.    on 12th October 1959 Lyallpur textile Institute was founded by General … Continue reading

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Rare Video

Even though there is no audio  but  the body language says alot.  look closely and enjoy this rare pick.  

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Magnificent Pakistan

A year back my husband sent me a link . After seeing that site i was convinced that our country is absolutely breath taking. Balochistan is Pakistan’s gifted province to have such amazing and magnificent geographical wonders, Like the 18 … Continue reading

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