Thomas Beatie (The pregnant man)

        In 1994 when I watched the movie “Junior” The concept of having a man  pregnant was very  hard to imagine and digest, I thought it was too messed up . But while surfing today I came across a really weird article, about a pregnant man.

Thomas Beatie


   Thomas beatie, a transgender. Beatie was born a woman,  named Tracy Lagondino, but later got his gender reassignment surgery done. Now he is legally a  man , married to a  lady named Nancy.  He took testosterone and had his breasts removed, but kept his reproductive rights. whereas, due to severe endometriosis Nancy had to get her hysterectomy done and obviously is unable to have babies. So the couple decided to have Thomas to bear the child by the help of sperm donation . He went off his testosterone injections and became pregnant.

This pregnancy  is not  his  first attempt. He got pregnant previously as well and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy with triplets. It was a life-threatening event which required a  complex surgery, resulting in the loss of all embryos and a fallopian tube. But the second time around not only it was successful and they have a healthu fetus of a baby girl . The couple is anxiously awaiting for the new arrival.

Besides the fact that Thomas is carrying  his and Nancy’s baby in his womb , he feels confident of his gender and sexuality and feels confident that he will be able to  bring up his kid like any other father. This story may sound very nice but in reality it is not all that rosey for the future parents, The lack of support from the family and people in the neighbourhood is making  the whole  experience  very hard for the couple .

It is very easy for us to  point our finger on someone and pass a remark or comment. but we don’t consider the repercussions our remark is going to have. There is no denying that the whole idea of a transgender to be pregnant is very starnge and disturbing.  But if for once we think about a mother who  is longing to have her own child , the father who must have dreamed and planned thousand  of things for his kid. They would go to any limit to live for their dream/love. The love for  your own kid can never  be topped or compared by anything in this  world.

 FYI- As Mr. Thomas claims to be the first  man to be pregnant. it is  not true,  Mr. Lee is the  first pregnant man.

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9 Responses to Thomas Beatie (The pregnant man)

  1. Paula Pereira says:

    I wish I could say something that would add a new meaning or a new point of view to this topic, but I don’t have.
    I’m from Brazil and I hope to right something about to see what people are going to say. I watched Thomas on The Oprah show today.
    I hope they can be happier then they are now.

  2. Mahrukh says:

    WHy do such people want acceptance in society? They are the most hypocritical people that demand acceptance and love. God created us all a certain way…they can’t accept that…so what acceptance are these people talking about???

    Anyway, even if “this couple” wanted kids, adoption would’ve been better! anyway, what was the point in becoming a man, and wanting a child? whatever!
    so now what? are we all going to do such things because God created us in the wrong gender, wrong body, wrong everything…
    And, think of the child being brought up! Geeez, imagine the disturbance in his personality!…

  3. desalegn says:

    “Ass hole” this is not the way of Reproduction,I wonder how the sun who came through you feel when he born …!!Option ,you should have to be get rid off you fuck embryo from fck stomach ..Desalegn(Ethiopia)

  4. hadi says:

    he should divorce his wife Nancy & get married from man ,, that will be better ,, i’m wondering women with man ( has female reproductive organs ) how they sex ?? i’m sure they’re lesbian couple ,,

  5. Diana says:

    I really think that adoption would have been easier for the couple. I mean, WHY have the gender change when you want to have a baby??? I’m not surprised that the family and neighborhood reacted as they did. I really hope that the baby grows up with a normallife and is not judged because of the choices her parents made.

  6. maxim says:

    I wish I could say something that would add a new meaning or a new point of view to this topic, but I don’t have.

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  9. kellly says:

    well i think it is good that he is had a baby
    ass he is helping his wife as she can not have babys.x

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